Schlage Connect

After I decided to replace my front door to my home I wanted to find a door lock that went well with it. I wanted something that would integrate well with my existing home automation network. Since I’m a big fan of insteon I started there first. At the time they seemed to have a good solution with the Morning Industry brand of dead bolts. However, I found that the Schlage Camelot FE469NX looked best. I basically fell in love with it but didn’t have a good way to integrate it! It became my first z-wave device.

Utilizing the ISY994i with Z-wave you can setup battery level alerts and easily change your access code (or add multiple codes).

If you plan on adding any z-wave devices and want to use the ISY994i be sure to order with the z-wave card pre-installed. I had to order Zwave Radio Add-on Board for ISY994i separately after I figured out that I wanted it a couple years later.

Update: 3-25-2018

My touchscreen has stopped working! It will not respond to any touch or light up at all, even after trying to replace the batteries. The ISY994i will still allow me to lock and unlock the door however. I will use this or the key to lock and unlock my door until I can get a new touchscreen. I’m sure this is probably out of warranty after almost three years, but I am going to contact support anyway to see what they say. The date code on my broken one is 04092015.

Update: 1-24-2020

Being that this device takes 4 AA batteries I decided to look into how much this was costing me. I have been replacing these about once a month since adding the device to my Z-wave network (I believe I was getting about 3 months of usage without Z-wave). Since a 24 pack of Energizer AA is about $10 and that lasts about 6 months in my situation, that means I spend about $1.67 monthly. This of course will vary depending on how many times it is used. This is also why I like to have the least amount of battery powered smart home devices as possible.

Roller Blind and Shades

A home automation system just wouldn’t seem complete without automated shades or blinds. I have a bay window that is blocked by a couch. I thought it would be the perfect first window to automate. I have found that this is the most expensive part of home automation if you want a clean, professional look. I highly recommend RT Motorized Blinds and Shades. I bought the below wired option for my bay window:

5 x TMDC-12-25-07-34-R Wired Motor

1 x DCC-1W-12-24 Wired Wall Switch

1 x DCPS-12-5A 5 Amp Power Supply

I use this in conjunction with the Global Cache GC-100. This allowed me to program the shades on a schedule.


If you like Insteon then this device is a must. It allows for easier configuration and management of all your Insteon devices. You can also use it for management and configuration of other devices as well such as the Schlage Connect Deadbolt (z-wave). One of the best things about the ISY is the support of so many devices as I haven’t had any issues with adding any Z-Wave or Insteon devices.

I use a home automation front end known as Comfort Click in conjunction with the ISY994i. Unfortunately, it does not support Insteon, but it is still a great piece of software for combining everything together in one app; lighting, cameras, security, shades, weather, and climate controls. It is also highly customization by anyone unlike most other higher end home automation systems. Best of all you have the option to use Comfort Click for free! Check out the official website here.