Upgrading my theater room to Aperion Audio…

This is my first post on my home theater, easily the coolest room in the house and the only one I built from the ground up. I will definitely be adding a separate post on the complete build but I just want to focus on my speaker upgrades for now. I used to have an all Onkyo system and upgraded the receiver to another Onkyo model for Dolby Atmos support (TX-NR3030) since I wired my theater for this. I did this using 4 ceiling speakers from Aperion Audio.  The Intimus L6–IC were the best to choose from at the time and were installed in 2015.  Since then Aperion has released a larger 8″ ceiling speaker which according to their customer support, produces a “slight boost to the lower mid-bass due to the larger driver”. I decided to keep my existing Aperion ceiling speakers and upgrade the rest of my speakers, including the subwoofer, this year to the Versus III 7.1 bundle. Now that I have tower speakers I was able to get rid of my bar stools as speaker stands for the front left and right. 🙂

The center channel was originally mounted on the wall but I had to get a new mount for the much larger Versus III Grand Center. I used the Peerless PS200. The side surrounds were mounted on my wall as well and luckily my new surrounds already came with good mounts. I went with the Verus Surround Dipole/Bipole Speaker pair. I’ve heard multiple times that side surrounds in the Bipole configuration are good for small rooms where the listening area is less than 5 feet from the side surrounds. Even though Aperion does not include these as an option for their Atmos bundles at this time they have their demo room setup with Bipole side surrounds. The Bipole mode is set with a switch by removing the right cover (magnetic). The only other speaker that has a similar switch is the center channel which has a Wall/Stand setting on the rear side near the speaker connectors. Since I have mine mounted to the wall, I of course moved the switch to the “Wall” setting.

Excited to begin the unboxing process:

Tower base feet:

Opened first box (one of the towers):

Bottom of tower for fitting brackets/feet:

Tower (about to uncover for the first time!):

Opening sub box, bottom of sub:

Grand center:

Brackets and hardware for side surrounds:

Bookshelf for rear surrounds (left) and Bipole (right) for side surrounds: