Hippo Homeowners Insurance

Around May of this year I heard about this new online website you can go to and purchase insurance for your home. Hippo is essentially a frontend you use to manage your account (view policy info, claims, and billing). Your policy is underwritten by a third party company. What really caught my eye was that they include private sewer line coverage and all appliances (including furnace and AC) automatically. Typically for any kind of “Service Line Coverage” you have to buy separate and from a different provider that specializes in that coverage. “Equipment Breakdown Coverage” is also something that typically costs extra.

I decided to retrieve a quote, expecting it to be significantly higher than what I currently pay. In the end the quote included coverages all of which were higher than my current policy and with “Service Line Coverage” up to $10,000 and “Equipment Breakdown Coverage” up to $100,000. The deductible for the last two coverages I didn’t have with my current provider was only $500. With all of these extra’s my yearly premium was $130 less! I decided to switch and they also sent me a a hub and free sensors from Notion which I will write about soon. I also plan to update this post next year when renewal comes around.

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