Airthings Wave Radon Detector

Since I’m all about adding wireless sensors and believe keeping an eye on the humidity and temperature readings within my home important I thought I would keep adding by including a radon sensor. Needless to say, I had placed a pre-order back in January and arrived at my door on April 29th.

In my testing I was a little concerned when the radon graph spiked to about 9.1  pCi/L however I remember when I had my home tested for radon when I originally purchased it, the test needed to run for at least a day or two for an accurate reading. I emailed support to confirm and below was their response.

That’s normal. Radon fluctuate a lot over time. Just let the monitor record data, and then look at the long term average. That’s the important number.



Customer Support
Brent Broge
May 4, 21:39 CEST

Hi, I setup my Airthings wave on Saturday night and noticed that it peaked to 9.1 pCi/L Tuesday morning. It has since been dropping but is that peak anything to be concerned with? The average is currently sitting around 3.4 pCi/L.

Thank you!

This device will currently only sync to my phone via Bluetooth so unfortunately I have to use two different apps. The app is decent and provides what you need. The graph could be a little better, for example, it would be nice to zoom in and out. I’d like to eventually include this data into Comfort Click.

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