Wired Doorbell Notifications

Adding a wired doorbell to the insteon network isn’t as simple as it sounds. There were two actions that I wanted to take place if someone were to ring the doorbell. One was to pop up a notification on my home theater PC (if i was watching a movie for example) and the second was to send me an email or text if I was away from home.

The simple way would be to get something like a wireless Ring doorbell, but I thought why spend money on a wireless system when I already have an existing wired system that I wouldn’t have to worry about changing the batteries. I had recently replaced my older broken doorbell with a new Hampton Bay Doorbell  HB-7621-02 from Home Depot.

To add this into my existing Insteon network I purchased the Insteon Doorbell and Telephone Ring Alert Kit (24950A6) which is essentially an Insteon IOLinc module (2450) and an ELK-930 Ring Detector. When I got it wired up according to the instructions, I was unable to get the IOLinc to sense any kind of signal from the ELK-930/Doorbell. It turns out that the ELK-930 needs to detect at least 900 mA from the doorbell in order to send any kind of signal to the IOLinc.

I found out that I could add a 20 watt 20ohm resistor to the doorbell to increase the load to the ELK-930.

This caused two things that I noticed. It dimmed my lighted doorbell button. It also seemed to distort the doorbell tunes slightly. This doesn’t seem to be bothering me too much as I’m getting the notifications and it seems to be a reliable setup so far.

One other thing is that my doorbell has a built in wireless option as well in case you ever decided to sync a wireless button to it. I noticed that sometimes it went off intermittently, probably from some sort of rogue wireless interference. I decided to de-solder the wireless antenna from the circuit board since I was never planning on using the wireless option. I haven’t had any issues with rogue rings ever since.


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