Insteon Ceiling Fan Module 2475F

This is a great way to control a ceiling fan from an insteon wall switch or your phone, especially if your existing wall switch is only wired to control power to the ceiling fan/light. Why run another wire for dedicated fan control when you can do it with less time and money? If there is a switch you will want to replace it. You don’t want the ceiling fan powerless when you are trying to control from your phone, etc. I went with the Insteon 2334-232 Keypad Dimmer Switch. If your lights are not dimmable and you don’t want to replace them go with the non-dimmable version.

Here is the fan module removed from packaging. You will use all wires; white (neutral, black, red (fan control), and blue (light control). If your fixture is controlled by a switch you will likely have a red wire instead of black. Red goes to black wire on the Insteon module in my case.

I was a little worried at first that it wasn’t fitting. The fan covering was smaller than I thought but it fit perfectly as shown below.

I noticed that the LEDs would bleed through the bottom and top of the shroud a little bit so to add the final touch disable the LEDs with the ISY994 software.

Uncheck LED Backlight.

Update: 11-15-2017

I started to get some humming/buzzing noises coming from my fan, as well as the medium and high speeds not working anymore. Apparently this is a common issue with the Insteon FanLinc and I had to replace it under warranty.

The process to replace was fairly easy, once I knew what steps to follow. After swapping out the old one follow the normal steps to detect a new Insteon device. Then right click the old device in the ISY Admin Console, and use the “Replace with” function. If you have any trouble with scenes like I did, you may need to run the “Restore Device” and “Write Updates to Device” functions as well. Below was the output of the “Diagnostics, Scene Test” before I had run the other two functions.

Sat 11/11/2017 08:29:44 PM : [GRP-RX ] 02 61 11 13 00 06
Sat 11/11/2017 08:29:44 PM : [INST-SRX ] 02 50 40.18.D0 30.DA.E2 E5 13 FF LTOFFRR(FF)
Sat 11/11/2017 08:29:44 PM : [CLEAN-UP-RPT] 02 58 06
Sat 11/11/2017 08:29:44 PM : [INST-SRX ] 02 50 40.18.D0 30.DA.E2 E1 13 FF LTOFFRR(FF)
Sat 11/11/2017 08:29:44 PM : [INST-SRX ] 02 50 34.64.01 30.DA.E2 65 13 11 LTOFFRR(11)
Sat 11/11/2017 08:29:44 PM : [Std-Cleanup Ack] 34.64.01–>ISY/PLM Group=0, Max Hops=1, Hops Left=1
<html><font color=”red”>—– MasterBedroom Test Results —–</font></html>
<html><font color=”red”>[Succeeded]</font> MasterBedroomOnOff (34 64 1 1)</html>
<html><font color=”red”>[Failed]</font> 3F.B6.45-Light (40 18 D0 1)</html>
<html><font color=”red”>—– MasterBedroom Test Results —–</font></html>
Sat 11/11/2017 08:29:52 PM : [INST-TX-I1 ] 02 62 00 00 11 CF 13 00
Sat 11/11/2017 08:29:52 PM : [INST-ACK ] 02 62 00.00.11 CF 13 00 06 LTOFFRR(00)

Update: 7-31-2019

It seems I am having issues with this again, although now it is the low speed that produces a light humming noise. I haven’t started the replacement process as medium and high speeds still work.

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