Cheap lamp dimmer module

Back in 2009 when I was first starting to get into home automation, I bought two of the LampLinc Essential 2000SC for less than $10. I’m finally using them with the ISY994i. I think they are perfect for setting up an on/off schedule.

I configured a program as follows:

Unlike Insteon, you need to program the 2000SC an address. The address starts with a letter (A-P), followed by a number (1-16). Per my program above, I chose B1.

  1. Plug in the 2000SC.
  2. Quickly right click on the newly created program, and click “Run Then”.
  3. Do step 2 a total of three times to program the address B1 to the 2000SC.

Unfortunately has since discontinued the 2000SC however I do see them pop up on ebay and amazon from time to time.

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